SMART Interconnection

Okeanos Telecom offers the Smart Interconnection to telecom companies who have relevant licenses in their field of operation.


Our Smart Interconnection product offers inbound and termination of calls in different protocols to any destination.

We can become your permanent Telecom Solution or your backup in case of an emergency or difficulty in communication.

We design solutions for the Maritime Industry or for any company that has big global telecom needs since we offer Voip solutions for ship to shore communications. Furthermore, we design in addition solutions for voice-data-video communication through landline or satellite connections.

Having extensive experience in telecom solution development we can design customized telecom solution quicly reliably and economically.

Our developers are experienced in all modern technologies offering all kinds of telecom solutions.

We have turn key solutions for Video over Inmarsat with analytics and alarms offering increased security in ships operations and depending on the software version you can have real time video feed of critical ship areas when needed. We are certified partners of Sony Pro.