SMART Circuit

Okeanos Telecom offers the service Smart Circuit tailored to the needs of big companies with extensive telecommunication needs.

We offer rack space at big Data Centers in Greece and around the world like Cyprus, Germany, Holland, he Philippines, China and the US. Rack space is offered in combination with Internet Access with minimum feed 1MBps from numerous international operators according to your needs. Take advantage of our services at par with major international operators but with minimum cost.


We rent Fiber optic lines, we develop turn key solutions offering stable and reliable telecom solutions at the best possible prices.

Having extensive experience in development of Telecom Applications, we can design and offer tailored made solutions quicly efficiently and economically.

We have experience in all modern technologies and tools used to build satellite and landline applications

We use hardware from a multitude of suppliers importing directly from all over the world.

We have a stock of specialized hardware like GSM Gateways, Multiplexers for PRI’s, IP PBX’s VoIP Gateways ISDN (Bri and PRI), Call Back platforms, telecom switches, Telecom Soft Switches (transit or transparent traffic), FO switches/routers etc.

Our Smart Circuit service keeps you independent from local operators, security, expandability, speedy implementation, customization, network control and many more unique advantages.