We offer:

  • Reliable international call termination at extremely competitive prices and with high quality. Download our full pricelist here .

    Our special prices:

    Ghana 0,330/0,420
    Ivory Coast 0,360/0,440
    Netherlands 0,022/0,092
    Nigeria 0,120/0,120
    Romania 0,034/0,092
    Singapore 0,024/0,024
    United Kingdom 0,018/0,094
    United States 0,036/0,036
    Inmarsat BGAN 3,7184
    Inmarsat Mini-M 1,1605
    Inmarsat B 1,8292
    Inmarsat M 1,4349
    Greek Mobiles:
    Greece (+3069) 0,039

    Prices are in Euro excl. VAT , charged per second and are subject to a fair use policy.
    There is no minimum charge and there is no connection fee. Our price list can change without prior notice.

  • Special rates and packages for volume customers. Packages for 3, 6 or 10 preselected destinations with up to 50% discount on our price list!
  • Local Numbers in most countries so your calls to selected countries will only cost a small monthly charge.
  • Web interface for administration, real-time CDRs and other statictics.
  • Integrated billing for many accounts.
  • Voice and Data networks (Private with different security levels)
  • Fax monitoring, VoIP Monitoring, interface with mainframes
  • Customized software development  to meet your specific needs
  • Miscellaneous solutions according to your integration needs

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